Appalachia Moonshine BBQ Sauce


Appalachia Moonshine BBQ Sauce

Made with real Moonshine Whiskey, With a pinch of Jalapeno Peppers.

Perfect for marinade or glaze for your  Brisket, Grilled Chicken or Pork, Baked Beans, Wing Sauce.

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Appalachia Jack’s Mountain Recipes – Appalachia Moonshine BBQ Sauce

This slightly sweet and tangy sauce comes from the hills of Appalachia, and twist on a long family recipe. 

It offers a unique BBQ flavor with a pleasant smokehouse touch and just the right spice. It finishes off with a hint of real moonshine to seal the taste tingling deal!

Versatile enough to use as a sauce, marinade, or glaze for beef, chicken, pork, beans, or anything you might barbeque. Great sauce for wings.

We make this with real Moonshine Whiskey.  And of course, heat it up a little with a touch or Jalapeno Peppers.



Net 12 FL oz



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Appalachia Jack's Mountain Recipes

From the hills of Appalachia.  Appalachia Jacks "AJ's" Mountain Recipes.  Time-honored family recipes from our family to yours. With a Top Of The Mountain Taste, made with love, and traditions from our past.


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