Peg’s Apple Pie Moonshine Jelly


Peg’s Apple Pie Moonshine Jelly

Made with Real Moonshine Whiskey

A family favorite.  Not just for breakfast.

Great on toast, warm biscuit or roll.

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Peg’s Apple Pie Moonshine Jelly

AJ’s mother, Peg, was renowned for her homemade jelly.   His tasty tribute to her legacy captures the sweet, apple cinnamon flavor of fresh-baked pie.  

Then…AJ thought, what would make it better?  He added real Apple Pie Moonshine, creating a pallet warming, sweet Appalachian apple sensation.  

This tastes perfect on a hot buttered biscuit, warm toast, or in the middle of a thumbprint cookie. “Can you taste it yet?”



Net Wt. 9FL OZ




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From the hills of Appalachia.  Appalachia Jacks "AJ's" Mountain Recipes.  Time-honored family recipes from our family to yours. With a Top Of The Mountain Taste, made with love, and traditions from our past.


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