Geno’s Beer, Bourbon BBQ Sauce

Geno’s Beer, Bourbon BBQ Sauce – An AJ’s Top Pick

The perfect mixture of ingredients that includes real BEER and BOURBON.

Take your BBQ favorites to the top!

Another favorite sauce from the hills of Appalachia.



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Geno’s Beer Bourbon BBQ Sauce An AJ’s Top Pick.

This flavor-filled sauce was created by AJ’s dad, affectionately known as Geno, with a little inspiration from his Uncle’s beer batter recipe.  

At first, you experience a slightly tangy flavor, followed by a hint of beer, the sweet crisp of a juicy apple, a Hickory smoke spice, polished off with a smooth bourbon finish. 

Perfect for any cut of beef, pork, chicken, mutton, or lamb as a marinade, dipping sauce, glaze, or turn simple baked beans into a culinary delight.  One of our favorite ways to use this is as a wing sauce.


Net 12 FL Oz




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