Spicy Campfire Seasoning


Spice up your grilling favorites with this Spicy Campfire Seasoning.

Spice up your burgers, your chicken, your fish, your beef, or your veggies. 

Our Spicy Campfire Seasoning will put that right amount of heat and sweetness into your grilled dish.

A combination of Cayenne Pepper, Mustard Seed, Garlic, Chili Powder, and Paprika, to name a few of the ingredients, will light your fire.


Spicy Campfire Seasoning


Memories of experiencing different spices mixed for seasoning and rubs for the great outdoors and camping trips, and cooking on the grill and fire pit. 

Inspired this personally blended mix of sweet, smoky, savory, and a little heat makes this an all-round seasoning for beef, chicken, seafood, or vegetables.



Net Weight: 8oz


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