Mean Gene’s Fireball Glaze and BBQ Sauce


Mean Gene’s Fireball Glaze and BBQ Sauce

Made with REAL Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey.

This will get your grill fired up.


Net 12 FL oz



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Mean Gene’s Fireball Glaze and BBQ Sauce

AJ created this sweet-spicy delight in honor of his Dad, named Gene, aka “Geno” and with love and affection sometimes referred to as Mean Gene, for his fiery temper.

The Fireball Whiskey adds a hint of spice and cinnamon to the smoky-sweet flavor. 

This sauce starts out hot and goes down smooth, just like Gene’s legendary temper.

Best with beef, chicken, mutton, lamb, pork, and gives simple baked beans an unforgettable flavor.  Also great as a hamburger topping.

Hold on to your hat.  This is made with REAL Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey, Worcestershire Sauce, sugar, a little garlic, and some smoke flavor….And you got a concoction straight from Appalachia Jack himself. 


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From the hills of Appalachia.  Appalachia Jacks "AJ's" Mountain Recipes.  Time-honored family recipes from our family to yours. With a Top Of The Mountain Taste, made with love, and traditions from our past.


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