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Spring! Ah Spring! I love Spring. I love the word Spring. I love every little thing about Spring. To me, it is the beginning of a new, wonderful and beautiful period that is all too brief.


How I love thee,

let me count the ways…”

Oops, Sorry Em.

Wow, was I waxing poetic or what? Well, the truth is I really do feel that way about Spring. As you see, I think Spring is so important the word must be capitalized.

Rebirth and Renewal

Spring is the time of rebirth, new life. Spring is when you finally realize that dreadful, unbearable cold winter is over Well I admit, that this past winter wasn’t so bad but still winter, even a mild one, is just not my cup of tea.

Some sources say Spring months are March, April and May, but I disagree. Since Spring is considered the time between the Spring Equinox (March 20 – 22) and the Summer Solstice ( June 20 – 22). This means that only one week of March and at least three weeks of June fall into that time frame. Based on that reasoning, I believe March is really a winter month and June is really a Spring month.

Springen Schnell!

The word Spring may have come from the Dutch or German, springen, which according to my very German friend, Ernst Wahl, means to ‘move quickly or to jump’. You know, schnell! And that’s very appropriate because, in case you hadn’t noticed, things do move or happen very quickly in the Spring.


Image courtesy via Unsplash

As soon as the sun starts to warm the ground, plants shoot out of the earth. In some cases, they grow so fast, unwary insects are actually caught inside. This is especially true of mushrooms like the elusive and delicious morel.

Another archaic definition of Spring is the dawn or dawning as of day or light. I like this one too, because for many living things it is indeed the dawning of a new day, the dawning of new life.

All in all, Spring is the thing!