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5 Appalachian Destinations for Next-Level Leaf Peeping

It won’t be long now before the days become cooler and the mountains of Appalachia will be swept with fiery reds, oranges, and yellows. Whether you prefer to take in the foliage by car, by train, or on foot, there is no shortage of opportunities for “leaf peeping”. Here are five of the best destinations in Appalachia for stunning autumn views.

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Great Smoky Mountains Hot Air Balloon Festival

Get Ready for the 2nd Annual Great Smoky Mountain Hot Air Balloon Festival in Townsend, TN! Summertime isn’t over yet! Head to Townsend for the Great Smoky Mountain Hot Air Balloon Festival and enjoy a breathtaking...

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Blue Ghosts: Faerie Lanterns of the Appalachian Mountains

I was in my backyard in Madison county, watching the sunset and admiring the familiar yellow-green fireflies doing their mating dances in the growing darkness, when I saw one firefly that was glowing blue instead of green. I had never seen a blue firefly before, and the sight provoked a sense of wonder that I hadn’t felt since childhood.

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