Month: May 2018

Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival

Have you heard that Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is having ten days of art and music—for free? It might sound too good to be true, but it’s the real deal! It’s the 59th annual Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival. This spectacular event presents a diverse and dynamic blend of music, art, and fun.

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Jim Thorpe: Appalachia’s Hidden Gem

Looking for adventure and the opportunity to get away from it all? Discover Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania, where you can find waterfall hiking, horse and buggy rides, scenic railroad journeys, ghost stories, and a grand historical past all in one amazing small Appalachian town. Uncover the haunting past of Glen Onoko Falls, bask in the sunlight from the main street balcony, or bike down nature-filled trails—this stunning little town has it all.

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Moon-Eyed People

Stories about small, pale-skinned, blue-eyed people ascending from underground caverns in the dead of night make for great movies, books, and urban legends. But in the mountains and valleys of Appalachia, these stories may not be just fireside fables. These tales could be a historical record of a lost civilization called the moon-eyed people.

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Moonshiners of the Appalachian Mountains

Strong drink has been a traditional way to unwind and celebrate over the centuries. Several lifetimes ago, Irish and Scottish immigrants brought their culture and home-brewed alcohol to the Appalachian Mountains. The most popular drink was an Irish/Scots recipe called “uisce beatha.” The Gaelic phrase means, “the water of life,” and for many, it was.

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