All aboard! Are you looking for the chance to discover the countryside without having to walk hours to see it? Try an Appalachian train ride! Now is your chance to dive into the Appalachian Mountains on the Spring Blossom Special offered by the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad.

Visiting the Allegany and Appalachian countryside

Train rides offer a perfect way to kick back, relax, and enjoy the ride. A ride on the railroad is also a great way to discover nature without the hassle or concern that other nature adventures can provide for some people. A round trip railway ticket is a great excursion for whole family fun. It’s exciting for children, relaxing for adults, and can be a learning experience for everyone. It’s also a relaxing and fun way for those with some physical disabilities to experience nature. It can provide those dealing with physical limitations the opportunity to see amazing views from within the middle of the countryside without having to travel there by foot to see it.

Visit the renowned #1309 steam train that used to be on display in Baltimore’s B&O Museum, now being restored by the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad. See if you can spot wild songbirds, woodpeckers, squirrels, and deer along your journey. Travel in a tunnel over 900 feet long and pass through the historical architecture of an iron truss bridge that was built over streams and deep valleys more than 100 years ago. The train travels at a speed suitable for gazing at the surrounding mountains, streams, and taking photos of the gorgeous landscape.

Ready for an Appalachian train ride?

Every Saturday in April, you can enjoy the refreshing spring breeze on an exciting round trip starting in Cumberland, making your way to Frostburg and back again. The train departs at 11:30 am, passengers can begin boarding at 11 am. Pack a lunch or grab one on the way; the snack bar is always open, or you can reserve the vintage dining car for a chef cooked meal.

There are multiple boarding options, from riding in a standard coach to diesel cab or even renting an entire caboose for your friends and family.

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