MountainRose Vineyard in Virginia

Looking for a relaxing setting in the mountains of Virginia? Look no further! Right in the heart of Appalachia sits the MountainRose Vineyard. Located in Wise County, Virginia, MountainRose provides a picturesque getaway for wine lovers.

The Path to MountainRose

The vineyard has been a dream for the Lawson family for many years. At first, David Lawson saw this dream, but it was far away. He actually attended Virginia Tech to pursue an engineering degree because his parents convinced him that farming would not provide a supportable living. It should merely be a side hobby.

As time passed and Lawson got deeper into his engineering studies, his true dream of becoming a winemaker only grew bigger. His senior year at Virginia Tech, he spent a semester working in a winery. He was sure that this was what he wanted to do with his life. After negotiation, he finally convinced his parents to jump on board and partner with him to build Wise County’s first winery: MountainRose Vineyard.

Map of VA
by David Benbennick

Turning Mining to Wining

The exact spot that MountainRose sits today was once a dusty old mine. Back in the day, the land was polluted with dirt, dust, and coal. The soils were dug and mined. Little did any of these miners know that years down the road, they would be creating the perfect conditions to set MountainRose Vineyard up for success.

Lawson believed the climate was perfect for his winery. Humidity in this area was at a low and the temperatures were cooler. Since the land had formerly been mined and broken up so much, this caused the soil to be less rich, allowing roots the opportunity to grow deeper and grapes the opportunity to grow more abundantly.

The very first vines were planted at MountainRose Vineyard in 1996. Over 20 years later, the vineyard now has an assortment of white and red grapes on its land:

  • White:
    • Traminette
    • Riesling
    • Vidal Blanc
    • Seyval Blanc
    • Niagara
    • Rkatsiteli
  • Red:
    • Chancellor
    • Cabernet Franc

Weddings at MountainRose

MountainRose Vineyard is much more than just a place to come and drink wine. There are plenty of events and activities for the whole family to enjoy.

The striking landscape and rolling mountains in the distance create the perfect location to host on-site weddings. The best part is there are tons of locations on property to hold a memorable ceremony and reception.

Maybe your dream wedding location is with a tranquil pond on one side and the winery on the other. Watch the sunset over the water as you say, “I do.”

Prefer a more native look for your wedding? Located toward the back of MountainRose Vineyard sits the Piazza. This stone walkway is surrounded by roses and sets up a seamless spot to walk down the aisle on.

Placing a Wedding Ring
By: Petar Milošević

Murder Mystery Dinners

Feeling adventurous? Step out of your comfort zone and try one of MountainRose Vineyard’s most popular offerings, the murder mystery dinner.

Start off the evening with dinner and of course, some wine (remember, you are at a winery!) The murder investigations kick off with guests being split up and given roles. They then spend the evening questioning others and trying to solve the case.

The teams who solve the murder are awarded a prize at the end of the event.

What are you waiting for? Head on over to MountainRose Vineyard to experience the fun for yourself. Also be sure to check out other vineyards throughout Appalachia.


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