Looking For A Strange Adventure? Look No Further Than Point Pleasant’s Mothman Festival

In the fall of 1966, strange things began to take place in the West Virginia town of Point Pleasant. Residents reported seeing dark red lights in the sky and shortly after the sightings mysterious men in black arrived in town.

Soon more reports of a red-eyed creature, which came to be known as the Mothman emerged. Those reports changed the small town of Point Pleasant forever.

Image Courtesy of Mothman Museum 

The First Sighting

Despite, Point Pleasant being Mothman central, the first sighting was actually on November 12, 1966, near the town of Clendenin. Five men were digging a grave at a local cemetery when they saw a large “brown human being” take flight from the top of a tree. They told officials that the creature flew right over top of their heads. A few days later reports of sightings of the winged creature in Point Pleasant captured the attention of the entire state.

On November 15, 1966, a married couple reported seeing the creature as they drove by an abandoned TNT plant. They described the creature as being seven feet tall and with large wings folded behind it’s back. Further up the road, they spotted it again. They stated that this time the creature spread its wings and took flight. They shared that it began following their car and kept up with even at speeds near 100 mph. Four other individuals reported seeing the creature that night.

There were several sightings that year, and the town lived in fear. The sightings continued until December of 1967, then they abruptly stopped.

The Mothman Festival is Born

Image Courtesy of Mothman Festival

To honor the reason Point Pleasant is famous, city leaders decided to hold a yearly Mothman Festival on the streets of Point Pleasant. This year’s festival is the 17th annual event. People from all over the world gather in the small town to celebrate the red-eyed legend.

The event is on September 15th and 16th. There is always a sense of paranormal at this event and this year’s attractions keep to that theme.

TNT Bus Tour

The TNT Bus Tour is a private tour that takes visitors to the infamous abandoned TNT area where the Mothman sightings in Point Pleasant began. Many believe the creatures lived in the deserted area. Those brave enough to go on the tour will get an up-close look at the elusive ammunition bunkers.

Who You Gonna Call?! Ghostbusters!

Image Courtesy of Mothman Festival

Who better to attend a paranormal festival than the Ghostbusters? All of the proceeds from the Ghostbusters appearance are donated to local children’s charities. Get out and help a great cause and have the best time doing it!

Live Performers, Vendors, and More!

Each year the festival features live bands and celebrities. This year the group Two River Junction will be performing, and the Mountain Monsters Team will be returning this year.

One of the best features of the festival is the vendors! You’ll find tables filled with treasures by local artisans. We all know one of the best things about festivals is the food! Don’t miss the food trucks offering delicious hoagies, homemade ice cream, funnel cake, and tons of fried deliciousness!

Be Sure to Visit All Things Mothman

The Mothman Museum offers visitors the most extensive collection of Mothman memorabilia and souvenirs. Who doesn’t want to go home with a Mothman statue? The museum has the original police reports of the 1966 Mothman sightings on display. You can purchase a variety of Mothman books, clothing, and novelties.

Don’t leave the festival without visiting the Mothman Statue. The 12-foot-tall statue, created by local artist, Bob Roach in 2003. Roach says that he created the iconic sculpture by using the image of a bodybuilder he found in a magazine. He pieced together its face and wings by talking with people who say they have seen the legendary winged creature.

The popular statue has an inscription on it that reads:

“On a chilly, fall night in November 1966, two young couples drove into the TNT area north of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, when they realized they were not alone.

What they saw that night has evolved into one of the great mysteries of all time; hence the Mothman Legacy began. It has grown into a phenomenon known all over the world by millions of curious people asking questions: What really happened? What did these people see? Has it been seen since?

It still sparks the world’s curiosity- the mystery behind Point Pleasant, West Virginia’s Mothman.”

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