Papa Frank’s Moonshine Pickles

  • Made in  Appalachia.
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Made with Real Kentucky Moonshine
  • Crisp, Fresh, Bold Flavors
  • Non-Alcoholic
  • Freshness Guarantee

So good and crunchy that you will want to play the banjo. 


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Product Details

Papa Frank’s Moonshine Pickles – Delicious Pickles Soaked in Real Moonshine, Delightfully Sweet All Natural Sliced Pickles, Perfect Sandwich Pickles, Packaged in Great Smokey Mountains of Georgia

ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Deliciously fresh cucumbers grown naturally with careful attention, Sliced thick and soaked in a moonshine pickling brine that gives a hint of sweetness and adds an amazing bite to your favorite foods

CRISP, FRESH, BOLD FLAVORS: Crafted with crisp cucumbers in a sweet, flavorful moonshine pickling vinegar, Add a smooth crunch to any burger or sandwich, or as snack right out of the jar for a taste of Appalachia

PLENTY TO GO AROUND: Each jar of Moonshine Pickles contains 16 ounces of delicious and crunchy moonshine soaked pickles, More than enough to get everyone together and share a taste of Appalachia (or keep it to yourself, we understand)

FRESHNESS GUARANTEE: Made with all natural ingredients, expect mouth watering flavors in every bite, Appalachia Jack’s promises to make it right if any of our products do not meet the highest standards of fresh

NON-ALCOHOLIC PRODUCT: Our Moonshine Pickles retain the delicious Kentucky Moonshine Taste, without the alcohol effect.  Alcohol is cooked out.  Safe for the whole family.

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