Chattanooga, Tennessee home to the 2018 Riverbend Festival
There is something inherently magical about a bend in the river. In my adventures on a lazy river, it was a place to stop the boats and take a welcome break. But in Chattanooga, they celebrate a bend in the river the right way, with the 2018 Riverbend Festival. Now that’s how you do it.

100 Artists, 5 Stages, and 8 Nights of Music at the Riverbend Festival

The Riverbend Festival lasts for a full eight nights, and you are sure to find something fun to do during a visit. Major sponsors are showing up to make this festival one to remember, with support from Chevrolet, Unum, Coca-Cola, Budweiser, and Tennessee Valley Credit Union. Each sponsor supports their own stage, providing top musical talent for your enjoyment. In fact, so much is going on that you may have a hard time deciding which act to watch. If you’re like me, having too much great entertainment to choose from is a good problem to have!

Over the course of the eight nights, visitors will have a chance to take in over 100 different musical acts. Most of the five stages reside against the backdrop of the famous Tennessee River in an area known as the Scenic City’s front porch.

One of the stages even floats; the Coca-Cola venue is a barge converted into a full concert stage floating on the Tennessee River. This cool venue is where you will find the headliners, so try to keep one eye on the big floating stage while you scope out the other performances. And don’t worry, the music covers almost every genre you can think of, so there will be something there for everyone.

Musical acts this year will include just about every kind of music you can think of, from the traditional rockin’ country of Hank Williams Jr. to the heavy groove of metal rock with O.D.D. Rock, Country, Christian, Indie, and Metal are just some of the musical genres featured this year. Some notable acts include:

35 Years, Millions of Fans

The Chattanooga Riverbend Festival started back in 1982 as a five-night event. It was a big hit with the attendees, and the festival sometimes referred to as only “Riverbend,” continued to grow each year. The festival has won numerous national awards from the International Festivals and Events Association, and it ranks in the top 10{c81ca3f6b47d12e1c39c99c5f24f4a0138260dd15eaf7743f5d45e15c35b5b24} of all American festivals.

Today Riverbend is a major music festival destination, with some estimates putting the number of visitors at over 650,000 during its eight-night run. So we’re talking thousands of musical acts, hundreds of nights, and millions of fans all converging on Chattanooga for almost half of a century! Of course, a festival of this magnitude is going to have more than just music. You will find an assortment of concessions, which are purchased using a token system. 

There will also be a variety of street vendors offering everything from tasty food and satisfying beverages to official Riverbend 2018 souvenirs and skilled artisan crafts. You may want to leave early to have time to take in the market before the shows start. If you visit local Chattanooga outlets up until midnight before the show opening, you can get a substantial discount on the eight-night general admission ticket price at only $44. Once the festival starts, the regular price is $60, but when you consider the sheer volume of musical acts this is a bargain. You can also get nightly wristbands once the festival is underway. For more great events in Appalachia, check out our events calendar.
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