Image courtesy of George Stock via Creative Commons

Many of us wonder is there other life beyond Earth? Are there extra-terrestrials spacecrafts in the sky or what exactly are these UFOs? This will likely remain a mystery. But we do know there here have been reports of UFO sightings over the years right here in Appalachia.

Kyle Lovern

There are many reports of UFOs throughout Appalachia. So many in fact that a local Appalachia man wrote a series of books on these sightings. Journalist Kyle Lovern is a West Virginia resident who released several books documenting both personal and eyewitness stories of UFO sightings.

Lovern is also one of the founders of the Appalachian UFO Research Society. Lovern and his co-founders provide the community opportunities to share their stories and personal UFO sightings with one another.

UFO Sighting in 2012

Back in 2012, reports came in of an unidentified flying object in the skies of West Virginia and Kentucky. Lights flickering in the evening are easily mistaken for UFOs, but this particular case was different. This UFO sighting happened in broad daylight.

Many described the mysterious object as two florescent tube lights flying parallel to each other. This UFO stayed visible in the sky for several hours, allowing many people to catch a glimpse of it.

The famous UFO investigation and research organization, Mutual UFO Network (MUFON),  studied this case. The sighting reports reached national news sources as well.

The Flatwoods Monster


Image courtesy of Peter K Burian via Creative Commons

In 1952 several people in Flatwoods, West Virginia, reported an UFO in the sky. Witnesses reported a bright object in the sky and an encounter with a spade-headed creature, after the sighting.

Fast-forward roughly ten years and the mystery was solved. The UFO was merely a meteor lighting up the sky, but that still does not explain the spade-headed creature does it? Well, it turns out the mysterious spade-headed creature was a barn owl.

Though this particular mystery was solved, there are still heaps of unexplained UFO sightings.

Despite the UFO being identified and explained, the town of Flatwoods is now famous for their “Flatwoods Monster.” The town has earned a nickname, “Home of the Green Monster.” There is even a monster chair that sits near the town hall for visitors to stop and take a photo with.


Image courtesy of Don Woods via Creative Commons

To learn more about UFO incident, visitors can explore the Flatwoods Monster Museum located at 208 N Main St, Sutton, West Virginia.

Appalachian GhostWalks- A UFO Expedition

You may remember reading about ghost tours throughout Appalachia last Halloween. Appalachian GhostWalks offers a “UFO Close Encounters Expedition.” Guests can explore Southern Appalachia with stops along the way where well known, unexplained aerial events have taken place in the past.

This is an all-day affair and ends with an evening under the stars on top of a mountain. On the mountain, you will hear stories from the tour guide. Plan a trip to experience this yourself and who knows, maybe a UFO will make an appearance!


UFO Fun Facts

  • The Lenticular cloud has been mistaken for a UFO due to its distinctive saucer-like shape.
  • Though many UFOs remain unidentified, there are other certain objects that are also mistaken for UFOs. Objects including meteors, balloons, aircrafts and birds.
  • Extra Terrestrial Vehicle (ETV) can be used in place of Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) when referring to an object that is not believed to be earthbound.
  • Ufology is defined as “the array of subject matter and activities associated with an interest in unidentified flying objects” according to MUFON.