West Virginia’s Legendary Powell Mountain Goat

The Powell Mountain Goat is a solitary, free-range goat that has called a mountain in Nicholas County, West Virginia home for 18 years now.  Over the years she has become a West Virginia legend. People drive hundreds of miles to get a glimpse of this legendary goat.

Despite being a popular draw the goat has never been given a name.  She inhabits the cliffs above the U.S. 19 expressway. For the past 18 years, she has drawn the attention of drivers and the love of travelers from West Virginia and beyond who make the trip in hopes of catching a glimpse of the goat.

The Legend Behind the Goat

Now, as with all legends, the Powell Mountain Goat comes with her own story. According to the tale she formerly lived on a large farm near Muddlety Valley, but as a 3-month-old kid she escaped and wandered off. She made her way to Powell Mountain. The farmer tracked her down and brought her back to the farm to have her escape again and return to her mountain. Eventually, the farmer gave up and left the goat to reign over her mountain.

Despite the isolation and surviving entirely on her own through harsh weather conditions she appears to be a healthy and happy goat. She has at times been seen with a potential mate, but none have ever stayed with her on the mountain.

Where is Powell Mountain?

Powell Mountain is located just north of the city of Summersville. The mountain is an estimated 2,400 feet above sea level. It is one of the tallest peaks east of the Alleghenies.

Over the years she has developed a routine that has made it easier for visitors to see her and get a video, photograph or two. During the early mornings, you will usually find her lying in a sunny spot towards the top of the mountain. As the day warms, she makes her way down the mountainside to munch on grass and pose for photos.

In the evenings, you can find her grazing at the bottom of the mountain, which creates the perfect opportunity for passing motorists or people who made the trip to see her to get photos.

Despite her ever-growing popularity, the Powell Mountain Goat remains unchanged by all of the attention. She has become a popular local legend and has taken on the role of a celebrity with as much grace as a goat can.

Her legend has grown so large that she even has her own Facebook page where people share photos and stories of visits with her. She is so popular that she also has a bumper sticker.

Plan a Visit to See the Powell Mountain Goat

For the past 18 years, the Powell Mountain Goat has brought smiles to visitors faces. She is without a doubt loved and treasured by the Mountain State. With autumn upon us, it is the perfect time to make the drive to Nicholas County’s Powell Mountain to enjoy the fall foliage and hopefully get the opportunity to see the legendary Powell Mountain Goat.

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