Weston, West Virginia’s Mountain Root Market

The small scenic town of Weston, West Virginia has a small business that is a true Appalachian treasure. Mountain Root Market is a market, restaurant, and flea market. It is also the place to find one-of-a-kind pieces of art by local artisans as well as fresh fruit, vegetables, and meats from area farmers.

Mountain Root Market’s owner, David Townsend, works tirelessly to make sure his business benefits his community. Besides promoting local artisans and farmers, he employs individuals who are in desperate need of second chances.

David’s motto is “grow and feed yourself and sell the rest to feed someone else.” He believes that a takes a village to help small communities survive.

“I believe in my town, county, and state. I remember a bustling town of shops and shoppers all around, we didn’t go to neighboring towns to shop except for special occasions,” David told me.

He hopes that all of his hard work will help make Weston that “bustling town” again.

Farm Life Led David in a Different Direction for Awhile

Even though David’s heart was always “down on the farm” life led him in a different direction.

“Leaving WV for work as a truck driver traveling around The United States, I saw many acres of gardens and huge farms with huge equipment and longed to be out there with them working the soil and growing food for America,” David said.

David returned to the farm in 2009 but also worked in the gas/oil industry to help make ends meet. After being laid off in 2015, he decided he wanted to support local agriculture, and in April of 2016, he opened Mountain Root Market.

Mountain Roots Market’s Journey Begins

Today the beautiful hand painted windows of  Mountain Root Market draws people in for a closer look. Once inside visitors are surprised and delighted by the treasures that they find. Not only does one discover locally grown fruits, vegetables, honey, meats and more for sale, they also discover handmade jewelry, crocheted items, handmade soaps and bath bombs, woodwork, artwork and more all created by local artisans and crafters. The market also offers an entire room of flea market/yard sale items at low prices.

You will be drawn in with the delightful smells coming from the market’s restaurant. The farm to table offerings is affordable and delicious. The food sourced comes from the local area.  If you have a sweet tooth, don’t miss the opportunity to try a scratch-made doughnut, a slice pie or a rich chocolate brownie.

Mountain Root Market and Restaurant Makes a Small Town’s Economy Better

The market and restaurant have helped make Weston’s economy stronger. Mountain Root started off as just a market, but as time passed David’s desire to do more for his community became stronger.

” I wanted to do more, so many folks had agricultural products that were in abundance and no way to preserve. I wanted a kitchen to add value to the products. A friend helped us with funds to purchase a building that was a restaurant. Hours and days and months passed collecting equipment and thousands of dollars upgrading electric and running water lines, drain lines, etc. Almost a year had passed preparing for Mountain Roots Farm to Table Restaurant.”

Mountain Root Farm to Table Restaurant Opens its Doors

The restaurant opened in March of 2018.

“We offer inexpensive meals, made from scratch. We have added features like all you can eat buffet and local beef, fresh to take home and cook,” David shared. “By supporting local farmers markets and businesses that use and sell these products we send a message that we want better, healthier food to feed our families. Send the message all over WV that we want to support and grow our own food, not shipped in from every corner of the world.”

In his small corner of the world, David Townsend is making a big difference in a world where times are tough and too many let their dreams slip away.

Next time you are in or near Weston be sure to stop by Mountain Root Market and Restaurant. Remember that buying from local farmers and businesses is a direct investment in the community. Small businesses like David’s are the heartbeat of their neighborhood, the spine of their local economy and the spirit of their town.

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