Dinner and a Murder! Appalachian Murder Mystery Train Ride!

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All aboard film buffs, problem solvers, and adventurers! The Western Maryland Scenic Railroad presents a murder mystery you’ll be dying to solve! Depart from Cumberland, Maryland and discover a train ride that offers dinner and a murder, making it perfect for a fun Halloween event.

Appalachian Murder Mystery Train Ride

You and your friends will have the opportunity to relax and chat in comfortable seats. You’ll have not a care in the world as the stunning Appalachian Mountains and lush foliage stream past the crystal-clear windows. The dinner bell will ring, and a well-dressed server will bring you a delicious meal. As you are finishing up dinner, all of a sudden there is a scream! A dead body has been discovered on the train.

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

Thinking Like a Detective

Who is it? What happened? The biggest question of all is—who is responsible? It’s time to put your knowledge to the test by teaming up with your friends and family and putting all of your minds together to solve the mystery!

Work Together Like a Team

Don’t lose your ‘train’ of thought, as the murder mystery train ride is a fun experience because everyone will have the opportunity to work together to find clues and exchange ideas. This exciting experience is a fantastic outing for family members with limited physical mobility or disabilities. It is also a fresh idea for a unique birthday or anniversary.

Like the Theater, but Interactive

All in all, this murder mystery is like a show or a theater play, except the audience is not only encouraged to participate, they are essential in solving the mystery. Actors and actresses move from car to car re-enacting the twisted tail and interact with riders along the way. These shows are created for adults, so you can expect to share a few laughs as the actors incorporate witty and fun humor.

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Option, Options, Options

If classic noir mysteries are not your forte, have no worries! There are several different shows to choose from depending on your interests. Discover various themes centered around cursed Egyptian scrolls, 1950’s inventions, car racing, rock n’ roll stars, and vampires. Murder mystery rides usually take place on Saturday evenings, and the themes change throughout the year, so be sure to check in often!

Ready, Set, Go

All trains depart from Cumberland, Maryland and arrive at Frostburg, where there is a one-hour layover before returning. This makes the whole adventure about 3 hours long. You can choose from various dinner options created from an elite chef, participate in the murder mystery, and still have time to enjoy the beautiful view of the Allegheny and Appalachian Mountains.

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Halloween, Christmas, New Years Eve, and All Year Round

The Western Scenic Maryland Scenic Railroad isn’t just open for Halloween events; you can find family-centered adventures all year long. Children can visit Santa and his elves during the holiday season starting November 23rd. You can learn more about these exciting Appalachian train rides here.

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